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" Where the Turf

Meets the Surf "

Del Mar 

Del Mar Portfolio Gallery

Artist Statement~


In August 2011 I moved to Palos Verdes Estates from my childhood town of Del Mar, California.  My concentration of art is the convergence of my experiences, scenery and feelings while living in Del Mar.  Through my art I am able to reflect upon the beauty and splendor of my seaside hometown. 


As a young boy, the sights and sounds of my environment comforted me.  Creating my art allows me to regain that feeling and keep those cherished memories alive.  

My depictions of Del Mar’s picturesque landscape, distinct attractions and inviting coastline enable me to express my excitement for the subject matter.  While on vacation last summer I took pictures around Del Mar and created my concentration drawings from my favorite ones.  My work focuses on the use of oil pastels and pastel pencils on textured premium paper.  I enjoy working with oil pastels for their ease of use and wonderful layering capabilities.  Building multiple layers of color and textures is my passion. As I progressed from the simplicity of my first drawings (images 10-12)to my detailed final pieces(images 1-9) the realization of my maturing view of Del Mar materialized through my works.  Just as I have grown from a young boy into the young man I am today, so did my art progress in a similar fashion.  Details unrealized in my earlier pieces became noticed, embraced and a focal point in my later ones.  Impressionists who utilize optical blending techniques and intense use of color inspire my style.                  


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